Chasing an ATM Schemer (The Fraud Hunter Book 1)

Gabe Jacinto is assigned to capture a lady ATM Schemer, Teri Francisco. When Teri heard that he was dating the beautiful Carrie Rios, she plots on using her to trap the fraud hunter. Will Gabe risk his life and money to save Carrie even though he knows her true identity?

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro  (Author)
Fun Facts about Chasing an ATM Schemer

  • It is a product from the writing class facilitated by Mina V. Esguerra called #HeistClub. It is from Why We Run Bundle in buqo.
  • Racquel’s debut story as a crime fiction author
  • Her co-author, Yeyet Soriano, is the editor of the story. Its beta-readers are Amae Dechavez, Jesse David, and Christine Castro, her sister.
  • It was not the first draft because the first story would tackle embezzlement.
  • The protagonist is a rich policeman while the antagonist is a pretty but ruthless, lawless lady.
  • Its subplot is romance. What do you expect from a romance writer?
  • If you read Chasing an ATM Schemer, Racquel is sure that you will be careful and vigilant the next time you use the ATM Machine.
  • It is an introduction to a four or five book series which would be tackling different kinds of fraud cases.
  • Racquel introduced the second installment of The Fraud Hunter Book Series on Chasing an ATM Schemer.

The Author
Racquel Sarah A. Castro is living with Cerebral Palsy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in AMA Computer College-Binan Campus. She always wanted to inspire people in all ways. She also desires to prove the goodness of God through her life. Racquel is living with her parents in Binan City, Laguna, Philippines. She is a geek, a math tutor, a food addict, a web designer, and a free lance programmer.

As an occasional blogger, writing was just a hobby. She always aspires to be an author of inspirational novels. She also has a collection of unpublished literary works. She writes articles, poems, and short stories in her blog sites. 


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